Aspirations of a…umm, writer?

If you’re reading this, a big WELCOME and an even bigger THANK YOU for finding your way to my first blog post. If you’ve already had a look at my About page you’ll know that I’m an aspiring romance author. “Aspiring” because I’m not yet published. I’ve decided to start this blog to document my writing journey.

Why Romancing Monique? Firstly, because was already taken (annoyingly by someone who created the site in 2011 and hasn’t done a thing to it!). So I was forced to come up with something else. I happen to think Romancing Monique sounds much more…romantic, funnily enough, and it gives the reader an idea of what they can expect from me, not so much as a blogger, but as a writer.

But can I call myself a writer? Damn straight, I can. It’s taken me a while to admit this to myself. For a long time I haven’t felt worthy of the title. But, I write. Therefore, I am a writer. It was an issue discussed on one of the earlier Australian Writers’ Centre podcast episodes So You Want to Be a Writer? with Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait. I now have the confidence to admit this to myself. To everyone else? Well, that’s an issue for another blog post.

I first started writing a few years ago, however, I’ve dreamed of being an author ever since I was a child. Yet I never had the confidence or felt I had the imagination to actually come up with anything decent and I didn’t really know what I wanted to write. Even now, I get so intimated when I hear of authors penning their first novel at age 10. I suppose that’s why I’ve struggled with calling myself a writer.

I’ve always enjoyed reading romance novels though. I can remember picking up my first Sweet Valley High books at about eleven or twelve years of age, left lying around by my older sister. After I had children, I became a voracious devourer of the genre. They were a pleasant escape from nappies and vomit and laundry and pureed food. When my family visited a beautiful, tiny little town in WA’s south west, I started thinking about what a lovely setting it would be for a romance novel. So I decided to write it. And I am truly being romanced by this roller-coaster writing adventure.

If you’d like to read more about my writing woes and triumphs, especially if you’re just beginning your writing journey, then I’d love for you to sign up to follow my blog. I promise not to bombard your inbox with updates. Between working and parenting and writing, I won’t have time to blog every day. Once a week at the most and I’ll keep them short and sweet.

Thanks for reading!


24 thoughts on “Aspirations of a…umm, writer?

  1. Amy Andrews says:

    Hello Monique from one writer to another. It took me years even after getting published to admit to people (those who didn’t know me well) that I was a writer and admitting it to yourself is defintiely the first step.

    Joining RWA is also another fantastic step as I know I would not be published without them!

    I wish you well on this crazy, scary, exhilirating journey and look forward to reading your debut novel!

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  2. stefanielaura says:

    Good on you for putting yourself out there! This community is wonderfully supportive, I’ve only been writing since 2012 but I’ve made so many friends and learnt so much through RWA. You’ll find everyone is always so happy answer questions and lend an ear. Good luck with your journey!

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  3. elizabethellencarter says:

    Oh, Sweet Valley High – you’ve brought back memories there. I devoured these when I was a young teenager in the 80s. Then I graduated to bodice rippers and that was something else entirely!

    All the very best with your writing journey. Don’t forget, you are not doing this for you — you are doing this for the characters, you need to tell their story and you are the only one who can do it.

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  4. kerriepaterson says:

    Ah Sweet Valley High – the memories 🙂 I was also a big Sweet Dreams fan! It’s tough to admit to yourself and others that you’re a writer – so good on you! I’m still on that journey myself!

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  5. Elizabeth Logotheti says:

    Lovely to read you blog Monique, I think a lot of us have similar experiences. It’s great to know that own own trials and tribulations are shared by so many. I live overseas in a non English speaking country so joining the RWA has given me a sence of belonging and an undeniably amazing source of information and support. Good luck look forward to reading more of your posts.


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