Publication: A dream come true!

Photo courtesy of Neil Mulligan

Photo courtesy of Neil Mulligan

I’ve done it! I am now a published author — it still feels surreal to say it (or even type it!) — but being able to call myself an author is something I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl and was devouring books at an astonishing rate. Now it is official and the experience has been so…energising!

Two weeks ago, Rocky Romance was launched, an anthology published by Serenity Press that includes the work of six WA authors — Monique Mulligan, Teena Raffa, Louisa Loder, Karen Weaver, Mike Murphy and myself. We signed 100 copies prior to the launch which made the whole “being published” thing very real all of a sudden!

I thought I was going to be most excited to see my name in print, but it was seeing my story come alive on the page, the words I had written to create something new, that was most exhilarating and I don’t see it getting old anytime soon.

The Rockingham Writers Centre Book Fair brought many readers, from near and far, to our launch and Rocky Romance was officially the best-seller over the course of the weekend. It was exciting to see our book in the hands of readers, particularly those I didn’t know. The thought of strangers reading my work, although nerve-wracking, was empowering and humbling at the same time.

My novelette, A Healing Hand, is the story of two old friends who run into each other (quite literally!) — he’s a cheesy flirt and she’s hiding something, but they soon discover they need each other more than they ever thought possible. I am immensely proud of this story. Not only does it showcase the beautiful Rockingham foreshore, but it covers a topic close to my heart and is intended to inspire hope. Readers have told me it made them laugh and cry (and there’s a few steamy moments thrown in too 😉 ). I am so happy with this feedback. I would think it would be every writer’s dream to evoke such feeling in his/her readers.

Along with publication comes another rite of passage — reviews! For those who may not be aware, reviews on Amazon and Goodreads can help an author greatly by boosting book sales. Here is our first review of Rocky Romance.

To everyone who has given encouragement and support during my “Journey to Publication”, a massive thank you. But keep it coming because the ride is far from over. My next goal is to see my name on the front cover of a book. Get the smelling salts out when that happens, people!

To purchase your physical copy of Rocky Romance, visit For your digital copy visit (Australian residents) or (US).


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