a healing hand

In just seven short days I’ll be able to tick another author achievement off the list — A Healing Hand is being released as a single title and I’ll have my name on the front cover!

After ten years away, ALYSSA MARTIN is back in town. She’s had to give up everything she has worked so hard to achieve and is doing her best to forget the reason it was necessary to do so. When she runs into Dean, her friend’s older brother, she knows it’s best to steer clear. But Dean has other ideas.

DEAN DANIELS has played the field for years and seeing the girl he once admired from afar has stirred up a lot of emotions he’s not quite sure how to deal with. But, when Alyssa reveals a shocking secret, he’s determined to make her see he’s not the man he once was. Will he manage to find a place in her heart?

A HEALING HAND can be pre-ordered as a single title (publication set for Valentine’s Day 2016) and was originally published as part of the Rocky Romance anthology.

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She straightened before turning to head back up the beach and ran straight into a brick wall. Or at least, that’s what it felt like. She was suddenly lying on her back in the sand, looking up at the wispy white clouds in the pale morning sky and feeling more than a little dazed.

A dark silhouette moved into Alyssa’s field of vision and she blinked, trying to make out what on earth had knocked her off her feet.

“Sorry, beautiful. Here, let me help you.”

The deep masculine voice soothed Alyssa’s pounding head, and overlooking the inappropriate endearment, she accepted the proffered hand.

She was hauled to her feet as if she weighed nothing, which only resulted in the need to steady herself as her head spun. She extended one hand for balance and put the other to her brow. Maybe another run wasn’t such a good idea. Perhaps she should just head home.

“You okay, sweetheart?” There was that voice again.

“Mmm? Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

Obviously not trusting her judgement, the brick wall, which Alyssa had by now realised was another jogger, took her hand in his sturdy one and began brushing the sand from her lycra-covered backside.

“What the hell?” Alyssa turned and scooted a few steps away, yanking her hand from his grasp. “What on earth do you think you’re doing?”

“Only trying to help, gorgeous. Thought it was the least I could do after sweeping you off your feet.”

Oh yeah, this guy was all charisma.




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